Mobile Apps

Once in a while I come across a motorcycle related mobile application for my Android phone that really makes sense. Check below for a description and a link to each. If you are using an app on your phone and you think I should try it, send me a note to or text to 704 675 5393

Ethanol is terrible for motorcycle engines and horrible for the rubber seals in your carburetors. Run Ethanol Free Fuel in your bike easily with this E0 station locating application called Pure Gas Download here

Motorbike Maintenance Record Keeper –
This app allows you to keep track of the last time you performed a particular service to your bike. It lets you keep track of up to 7 vehicles with easy customizable features. Very cool to be able to keep track of your last oil change without having to dig for a notebook. Download here

CoPilot Live –
I really enjoy plotting routes for rides and using a GPS to navigate the predetermined route. I looked and looked for an app that would do this with the least amount of hassle. Copilot Live is the one I chose. The best thing for me is the maps are stored on the phone so even if I don’t have a GPS signal, I can still see my route. Creating route is a bit of a PIA but once you have done it a few times it gets easier. The app costs $7.99 but it’s well worth it and far less costly than a stand alone GPS unit. Download here