Come Track Riding With Us!

Have you ever wanted to see what it’s like to ride a motorcycle on a track but committing to the cost of buying leathers, boots, gloves, and getting your bike setup has you totally freaked out? Today a mid range set of leathers will run you roughly $800, boots another $250, and $150 for gloves. That’s $1200! Getting you bike prepped for the track will run $300-$400. Add another $500 for fresh tires with installation. Then there is the effort of getting a bike to the track. These estimates are low and easily add up to $2,300 and could go higher, that’s if you have a track worthy bike! There is also the logistics of getting to the track, where to go when you arrive, getting through tech inspection, there is a lot to do and navigate on a track day. It can be daunting!

Why not let us take some of the pain out of it for you. We have a super sweet CBR600RR that is prepped and ready for the track that we will bring to the track for you, we walk you through sign in, tech inspection, pit area set up and suspension set up. Benjamin or one of our coaches will ride with you from your first lap to your last lap and discuss your riding in the pits between sessions with you making your fist track day a fantastic experience!

We work with a track gear rental company called Track Side Gear and they have a huge selections of leathers for you to rent. All you need to bring is a helmet and a good attitude, we will take care of the rest. Total cost for the package is $1050, if you want fresh tires let us know and we’ll have them installed. It will make the total $1375. The tracks we currently attend are Virginia International Raceway and Carolina Motorsports Park.

Here is a break down of the fees:

  • Gear rental – $150
  • Track day fee – $200
  • Coach’s track day fee – $200
  • Bike rental – $350
  • Coaching fee – $150
  • Dunlop Q4 tires – $325

If you wan to ride your own bike we can set it up for the track for you. Price for this varies by bike but usually runs $300 -$400 and includes fresh oil, oil filter, safety wire on oil drain plug and filler cap. We also flush coolant and add water wetter to the cooling system.

To get the process started, please give us a call, 704 671 4585